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Six DIY Balloon Chocolate Bowls Tutorials. After seeing the pretty pink chocolate bowls by Color Issue today, I knew I had seen lots of different takes on this bowl. GIF by Sprinkle Bakes. *Tip: spray balloon with non-stick cooking spray. 

  1. Pink colored chocolate bowls (Color Issue) here. *chocolate melts come in all colors, so if you want purple, make purple :)
  2. White and dark chocolate bowls (Gourmet Mom on-the-go) here
  3. Chocolate bowls with Chai Latte whipped creme (Sprinkle Bakes) here.
  4. Chocolate cups filled with pudding (Bakerella) here.
  5. Chocolate bowl videos - dozens and dozens of them (Chocolate Lovers TV) here.
  6. Pink and dark chocolate bowls (Mel’s Kitchen Cafe) here.